The history of the Twilite Zone dates all the way back 1873, and was once even owned by the Jacob Leinenkugel Company in 1907, it was also known as the Northwest Lumber Company!. But as far as names go it was also known as the First and Last Chance Bar, and Hawks Hideout.

Juke Box, ATM, MasterCard/Visa/Discover/AMEX, Free WIFI, Cold Tap Beer, Drink Specials, Packer Games, what more do you need?

The Twilite Zone is best known for it’s #1 Packers Fan and Owner Sue Kiraly
She is a big fan of the packers, so come on down to see her collection of Packer Memorabilia.
Every Sunday there is a Packer Game is on, and it is the best times at the Twilite Zone!
Free WiFi, Free Internet, Internet Based Jukebox, Cold Tap Beer,
Monday is Women’s day .25 cents off  Drinks, Tuesday is Men’s Day .25 cents off & 50 cent Pool Table. Friday is Pull Tabs for money off Drinks or Free!